MY MENU:Meats:Grilled pork loin: 9,00 Crispy chopped chicken:10,00 Veal burguer with goat:11,00 (Âlpujarreño) course:10,00 (Broken)   eggs with serrano ham:10,00
Individualn courses:
Assorted grilled fish platter:10,00 Fish and seafood casserole:9,00 Grilled squid:11,00 (Migas)   fried fish and peppers:10,00
Fish and seafood:
Clams:11,00 Steamed mussels:10,00 Anchovies:9,00 Squid rings:9,00 Squid endings:9,00 Salobreña octopus:12,00
Mixed homemade paella:11,00/person Black rice with cuttlefish:13,00/person
Spaguetti bolognesa:8,00 Tagliatelle sailor style:10,00

Vegetables mousakka:9,00 Aubergine chips with cane honey:9,00 Creamed vegetables:5,00
House's salad:8,00 Tropical salad:11,00 La Charca salad:9,00 Spinachs salad:9,00
Have snacks:
Piece spanish omelette:4,00 Homeade fries 3 sauces:1'50/unit Homeade chicken craquette:6,00

Fizzy drinks:
Juice:3'50 Coca-cola:4,00 Water:free Wine:6,00
Class rules:
1- Do not get up without permission
2- Do note at in the classroom
3- Get up the hand for speak
4- Do not throw the ball of paper
5- Do not insulting teachers
6- do not fight with nobody
7- Always carry out the task

By Jose Corzo Garzón 1ºE.S.O A
My favorite sport:indoor football: Indoor football is a fun sport for children and adults. I play in a special, indoor football field .

I must play with legs and feet, mustn’t touch of hand unless you ‘re porter. There are must 6people in the indoor fopotball field. I can kick the ball with the feet, and I should happen the ball an people whaths up in a indoor football field. I can’t get out of a indoor football field, i shouldn’t do not pass the ball.

I kie the indoor football why makes me have a good time and have fun with people.

By Jose Corzo Garzón 1 E.S.O A
By Jose Corzo Garzón 1ºE.S.O  A
Hour. Mon Emploi Du Temps

In English:
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Fotos de dos hombre teniendo una conversación
Jose- Hello, Leo
Leo- Who is it?
Jose- My name is Jose, we met in the park and you gave me your phone number
Leo- Ahhh, it is true
Jose- Your phone number is this: 647-90-02-13
Leo- Yes, and your phone number is this: 677-43-11-09
Jose- Yes
Leo- Okey
Jose- When can we go out together?
Leo- How about Monday afternoon?
Jose-Ok (Okay), a half past five?
Leo- Okey
Jose- Bye, bye
Leo- Good bye

By Jose Corzo

Writing about Cristiano Ronaldo

Writing exercise - Unit 1 Description of Cristiano Ronaldo 
Cristiano Ronaldo  is a popular celebrity. His birthday i son 5th February. He is Portuguese. Cristiano Ronaldo is famous for many reasons. He is an excellent player and he plays in the Real Madrid. He is a football player.What does Cristiano Ronaldo look like? He is  tall,      he is 1.85 metres tall, he is handsome. He has Brown   eyes, a flat nose and small mouth, Brown hair and has   very well defined legs and arms.What is Cristiano Ronaldo like? He is personality is also special.  You can say more, he is hard – working and clever. He’s my favorite soocer player.

Jose Corzo Garzón 1 A E.S.O