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MY MENU:Meats:Grilled pork loin: 9,00 Crispy chopped chicken:10,00 Veal burguer with goat:11,00 (Âlpujarreño) course:10,00 (Broken)   eggs with serrano ham:10,00
Individualn courses:
Assorted grilled fish platter:10,00 Fish and seafood casserole:9,00 Grilled squid:11,00 (Migas)   fried fish and peppers:10,00
Fish and seafood:
Clams:11,00 Steamed mussels:10,00 Anchovies:9,00 Squid rings:9,00 Squid endings:9,00 Salobreña octopus:12,00
Mixed homemade paella:11,00/person Black rice with cuttlefish:13,00/person
Spaguetti bolognesa:8,00 Tagliatelle sailor style:10,00

Vegetables mousakka:9,00 Aubergine chips with cane honey:9,00 Creamed vegetables:5,00
House's salad:8,00 Tropical salad:11,00 La Charca salad:9,00 Spinachs salad:9,00
Have snacks:
Piece spanish omelette:4,00 Homeade fries 3 sauces:1'50/unit Homeade chicken craquette:6,00

Fizzy drinks:
Juice:3'50 Coca-cola:4,00 Water:free Wine:6,00
Class rules:
1- Do not get up without permission
2- Do note at in the classroom
3- Get up the hand for speak
4- Do not throw the ball of paper
5- Do not insulting teachers
6- do not fight with nobody
7- Always carry out the task

By Jose Corzo Garzón 1ºE.S.O A
My favorite sport:indoor football: Indoor football is a fun sport for children and adults. I play in a special, indoor football field .

I must play with legs and feet, mustn’t touch of hand unless you ‘re porter. There are must 6people in the indoor fopotball field. I can kick the ball with the feet, and I should happen the ball an people whaths up in a indoor football field. I can’t get out of a indoor football field, i shouldn’t do not pass the ball.

I kie the indoor football why makes me have a good time and have fun with people.

By Jose Corzo Garzón 1 E.S.O A
By Jose Corzo Garzón 1ºE.S.O  A